Saturday, 24 April 2010

Happy Birthday Sachin !!

It has been an incredible journey, starting from 15 November 1989, a trip that statistics alone cannot define. Not that they lack weight, but they are astonishing. He has scored an avalanche of runs with more than 90 centuries to his credit. Still a prized wicket, producing blistering innings even in the IPL, and demolishing the opposition irrespective of whether it is Twenty-20, ODI or test cricket.

My adoration towards Tendulkar began ever since I started watching cricket. Long before Internet came to India or Cricinfo has started, I began collecting and analyzing his statistics, and used update my 'Sachin file' after each and every game he played. I can still recollect Tony Grieg’s commentary on Sachin's stroke play when he crafted the master piece at Sharjah against the mighty Australians. I can still visualize each and every part of that innings, coming down the track against the fierce attack led by Warne, hitting the ball across longon, battling not only the the wickets falling at the other end but also the sandstorm in the Arabian desert eventually taking India to the final of the Sharjah Cup, only to win it for us on his 25th Birthday, on 24 April 1998 with yet another century. If that was chef-d'oeuvre, then I have no words to describe what he accomplished on 24 February 2010, when he became the first man to score a double hundred in ODI Cricket. That was the day Sachin truly played like ‘Tendulkar’ and that might well might be corporate India’s most unproductive day, because almost everyone might have paused their act to see their ‘God’ in his original incarnation. No other cricketer could draw an entire nation’s energy towards himself, not even Bradman I think.


  1. You are always always my inspiration. Happy Birthday Sachin.